Forever Minerals Information and Tips

What sets Forever Minerals apart from the different companies out there today? The Foundation coverage is impeccable. It's natural looking and stays where you apply it throughout the day. Minerals reflect the light, making skin flaws less noticeable.

Forever Minerals has more skin loving ingredients than most. A key ingredient is Lavender which helps heal your skin while acting as a skin enhancement at the same time. The biggest benefit you get from wearing Forever Minerals is the sunscreen protection it provides. This protection comes from our two main ingredients- Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. Many customers will tell you that they never had their face sunburn while wearing Forever Minerals Makeup. (Note: for extended periods in the sun, reapply every 2 hours). There are no chemicals, dyes, talcs or alcohol in our Hand-Formulated Crushed Mineral Products. Minerals do not support bacteria growth, therefore preventing break-outs before they happen. There is virtually no allergy risk. Minerals are water-resistant and will stay on during exercise.

Forever Minerals contain mineral anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that will help improve the skin rather than the fillers and oils than can irritate it. The makeup is absorbed into your skin as it warms up to it, resulting in a fabulous, flawless look, while offering superb coverage.

Because Forever Minerals are Hand-Formulated in the USA in small batches by Certified Cosmetic Formulators and Certified Aromatherapists, we offer the freshest Mineral Makeup available on the market today.

Forever Minerals can vary from a light coverage to a full coverage makeup. You can adjust the amount of coverage by applying the mineral makeup in layers. If you would like more coverage, just apply additional foundation/concealer to those areas. Forever Minerals and the right application tools will save you so much time in the morning!

Skin Preparation

Skin preparation prior to applying Forever Minerals is the key to perfect application. After cleansing and applying your favorite daytime moisturizer, apply satin slip foundation primer to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin should be dry to the touch when you start your mineral application.


If you use concealer, start by shaking a small amount into the lid and apply with the Forever Minerals Camouflage Foundation Brush. This brush is made of Taklon and will hold the concealer and release it on your skin as a perfect cover up. The right tool is vitally important in application. This brush can also be used to start the Foundation for additional coverage then follow it up with the Forever Luscious Kabuki for that air-brushed finish.

Makeup Application Technique

Take your Forever Mineral crushed Foundation and shake a small amount into the lid. Take the Forever Mineral Luscious Kabuki brush (Cashmere Goat), and swirl it around in the foundation. Hold the Kabuki brush with the bristles pointing upward and gently tap against the lid - this will "load" the brush and the minerals will settle into the Kabuki Brush. Buff lightly to blend in your Forever Minerals Foundation and within minutes, the minerals will warm and meld with your skin for a flawless application.

For Oily Skin Types

If your have skin that tends to have oily zones, you will want to start with the concealer which is oat powder based. You may also want to try our Forever Mineral Pressed Foundation instead of the crushed formula. This will help absorb the extra oil from your skin. I recommend washing the brush every couple of days to keep the excess oil from building up. You may also want to keep a Luscious Kabuki in your purse or gym bag for touch ups and use the concealer/foundation to help control shine during the day.

Custom Blending

You can make your own special blend of colors by combining two or more foundation colors together to exactly match your skin tones. Just shake small amounts of Forever Minerals Foundation into the lids and blend together with the Luscious Kabuki brush. It’s easy and blends beautifully!

Final Finish

Take the Forever Mineral Mist and spritz lightly all over to set your makeup. This will leave the skin looking hydrated and fresh. Mineral Mist is available in a small size for your purse or gym bag to freshen-up your makeup throughout the day.

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